Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Copenhagen, Denmark

November 24-26

This was my last getaway before the term ended, and was very much needed to de-stress before the start of finals. The weekend was mostly spent walking around the city, getting lost in the streets and seeing some of Copenhagen's iconic sights. We obviously spent time in Nyhaven and the city central, but also ventured out to see the Little Mermaid, Christiana and the royal palace. Overall a well spent weekend, and quite relaxing for me having been there a few times before. I was pleasantly surprised to remember a lot of the town and be able to show my friends around.
I feel that a theme of these travel posts has been for me to talk about something I've learned, specific to the trip. For this weekend I think the thing I recognized the most is both the necessity and want to spend money. More and more I've realized that my time here is so limited and the likelihood of me going to some of these places ever again is very slight. With that, I've known that spending money in order to enjoy my time abroad has always been necessary. I want to have that extra cup of coffee walking the streets or have a nice dinner in the center of town or spend the few dollars for an entry fee to something that is completely unique to somewhere I'm travelling.
This partially comes with a bit of wisdom for any fellow travelers; budget generously, spend wisely and come to grasp with the idea that experiences cost money. It sucks, but missing out on things and good food and amazing places will suck at lot more. The one thing you do not want to come home with is regrets. I see coming home without money as a successful time spent here. 

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