Thursday, November 16, 2017

London, England

November 10-12

This trip was probably my favorite place out of all the travelling I've done during this term. I think there were a lot of contributing factors to that, but mostly because I got to see Taryn and meet her new friends along with exploring one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

What I enjoy most about travelling is just taking to the streets and wandering the town. Of course not all of my time can be spent getting lost in a city, but I think it gives me an idea of what its like for the people that live there rather than just being a regular tourist the whole time. I think that I've learned that although being a tourist can let you see some incredible things, it doesn't give you the same impression of the city. I've realized that I go places not to see the sights, but rather to become part of the culture, even if only for a short time, and possibly see myself living there. I have become more and more open to the idea of living in a foreign country since I've been in Denmark, and I think its mostly because now I know I can do it on my own, and its not as difficult as everyone seems to make it.
In London we spent most of our time near the river, walking along the water to find little Christmas markets, eating good food and even finding a Cider-Fest that felt very picturesque. We went and saw Big Ben which was unfortunately covered in scaffolding, rode the London Eye, shopped at Covent Garden and ate at a few proper English pubs (gin included of course). It also happened to be Veteran's Day weekend while we were there and we watched the parade on Sunday morning with a visit from the Queen.
The weekend was all too short and I know I will be back someday to this wonderful city I just got a taste of, but for now I'll just have to look forward to Copenhagen next week. I am also realizing how quickly this semester is coming to an end, seeing that I only have a month left until I see my family!

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