Monday, November 6, 2017

Making Friends

November 6

Being here has really changed my perspective on what a friendship is. I've come to realize that I rely a lot more heavily on my support system of friends and family than I initially thought, so being here as an individual has given me new challenges.
The system obviously creates the pathways and knowledge to make great friends here. Most of the people I'm closest to here I met in the first few weeks during orientation and the first weeks of class. They are all amazing people and I hope that after we leave here we will stay just as connected and one day reconnect somewhere on the planet. However with all this hope, I still know that I'm not as close with some people as I wish I was, and hopefully in the future weeks we can grow together before we have to leave.
The other group of people here I've had more trouble connecting with is the local Danes. Although extremely friendly and gracious, they are a much harder group to break into. I don't have much contact with locals to begin with, and the few I do, mostly roommates and a few classmates, are weary to new friends, given they've already created their long-term friend groups. Still all lovely people, but definitely not as likely to be bffs.
Also, even more surprisingly, I have become close with many OSU students while here. Although we didn't know each other before, I think the comradary of a similar school and language make bonding much easier in an initially scary situation. It may be against some people's views to keep friends from home rather than branch out, but I think a little bit of comfort and friendly "go beavs" nature while here is that little piece of home that keeps it together.

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